Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Examples of eco-terrorism

1998- In the city of Vail, Colorado, the Earth Liberation Front vandalized a ski resort by burning down part of it and thus causing 12 million dollars in property damage. The eco-terrorist attempted to justify their actions by saying that they were acting on behalf of the wildlife they thought were being infringed upon.

2005- In the city of Phoenix, Arizona, nine new housing structures were firebombed by eco-terrorists citing that these structures were built on "natural desert."

2005- In the city of Kenmore, Washington, eco-terrorist burned two pieces of excavation equipment at a housing development which resulted in 180,000 dollars in damage and this act was the second at that particular site with an earlier fire causing 50,000 dollars in damage.

2005- In the city of Valley Springs, California, a partially constructed home was vandalized with a window broken in and the letters "ELF" scrawled on the garage door. It is suspected that this act was spurred as a result of re-zoning in Calaveras County, California.

2006- In Camano Island, Washington, The Earth Liberation Front burned down a 9,600 square foot 3 million dollar home that was nearly completely constructed with a threatening message spray painted on a bedsheet that was posted on the front gate of the home.


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