Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What is being done to counter eco-terrorism?

Eco-terrorism has not yet been an activity that has been as wildly pursued as other criminal activities in United States. A certain number of eco-terrorists have been arrested and brought before grand juries, but suprsingly, very few of them have actually been punished. The House Resources Subcommittee did in fact hold a hearing on eco-terrorism, but unfortuantely nothing on the topic was further pursued. This was in part due to the fact that a prominent Earth Liberation spoksesperson was called upon to answer questions at this hearing, but he refused to answer the questions that he was asked by the committee. A recent article has stated many significant ways to curb eco-terrorism. A significant idea that came out of the article was that the press plays an important role in the furthering of the actions of eco-terrorists. Since the media cover the actions of the eco-terrorists, such as the example where an autodealership had been torched by eco-terrorists, and in the press interview a city councilman was stated as saying that there was a "need" to improve fuel efficiency in vehicles but that vandalism was not the forum in which to resolve it; when in fact, the media coverage and interview alone promoted the ideas of the eco-terrorists since the statement about the "need" to alter vehicles was aired. Attention and coverage from the press is a powerful medium through which eco-terrorists are able to promote their agendas.

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