Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Eco-terrorist activity to be aware of

Eco-terrorists are on the most part composed of individuals that join independent groups that are primarily self funded and self motivated towards eco-terrorist activities. Many of the activities of these groups include, vandalism, arson, bombing, harassment, and animal release. Targets of these eco-terrorists often include fast food restaurants, car dealerships, housing developments, and perhaps even most alarming, people who are employed by companies that these groups deem dangerous to the environment are also targeted. Nature is so vital to these extremist individuals, even to the point where they consider the destruction of property to be justified and human life to be indespensible if it means that the environment will be preserved. In March of 2001, the FBI classified the most infamous eco-terrorist organization, the Earth Liberation Front, to be the number one domestic terrorist group in the United States.


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