Thursday, February 23, 2006

What is Eco-terrorism?

“The FBI defines eco-terrorism as the use or threatened use of violence of a criminal nature against innocent victims or property by an environmentally-oriented, subnational group for environmental-political reasons, or aimed at an audience beyond the target, often of a symbolic nature.”

James F. Jarboe, Domestic Terrorism Section Chief, Counterterrorism Division, FBI;, Feb. 12, 2002

The acts that are committed by these extreme nature saving organizations are undeniably acts of violence and terror in order to intimidate and coerce those that they carry out their acts on. Those that support these groups would wish to lead individuals to believe that because these eco terror organizations have not violently acted upon any living being, there acts are just vandalism and not terror, but their use of pipe bombs and arson is evidence to the contrary.


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